About us

About us

Paving the path to a brighter future... ....

“The Shine Goats” is a project focus on live stock (Goats) trading. We are providing the highest percentage of Trade value to your business in a secure and guaranteed manner.

You are backed up with a legal agreements, bank to bank transactions and our online members portal that will provide you profitability report on weekly basis.

Farming and livestock section is very important for our nutritious life. It is back bone of our national economy.The head of the state is also recommending to increase the farming and livestock. We are here also serving for the country and fulfill the needs of community. After the COVID-19 situation trading of livestock is only encouraging section. Our team is also trying to reduce the lackness of energetic food material by serving in Goat farming on international standard.We are using ISO for farming and using natural resources to gain the desired results. Goat Forming is a nicer field to accommodate the needs of meat and milk and other organic material. In this process we will trade with all type of people’s who are interested to serve for the community and their siblings future. We will provide multiple occasions for trading in Goat Farming section at a good ratio. Mutual trading is also a type of facilitation for the participants. In the partnership of loving trade we will utilize all sources for your convenience we hope you will feel better with us

Be Progressive We are Eco Friendly...

Organic Farming

The Shine Goats the project that ensures the raising and breeding of goats in a purely organic and natural way in our farmers.

Open Trading

Along with The Shine Goats healthy Goats at reasonable price in open market at all levels. Aspiring citizens can buy their favorite Goats at the farm on any traditional occasion at market price

Healthy Product

The products obtained from goat farming include milk, meat, the skin and fertilizer. These things are in dire need around the world.