Fresh Mutton Meat, also known as Goat or Lamb meat. It is the most popular meat in the category of Red meat. It is consumed widely all over the world irrespective of race, weather, or area. Mutton meat contributes up to 65% of the red meat consumption of the world.

The Mutton/Goat meat is popular for its unique taste. It also offers various health benefits to us, most of which are unknown to many people. Red meat has various nutrients that are essential for human growth and development and is a rich source of Protein, Vitamin and minerals.

High-Quality Proteins Low Calorific Count

Fresh mutton meat has a good amount of High-quality protein, which helps you in maintaining overall health. The amino acid profile of this mutton is quite similar to chicken, but this being lean meat and good in taste is preferred by many people.

Fresh Mutton meat has very low calorific value when compared to other kinds of meat like chicken or fish. The Avg calorie intake of 100 grams of Mutton meat is only 125 Calories.