Terms And Conditions

After joining The Shine Goats as a trader, you are required to agree with and follow following terms and conditions:


1. Traders are required to change their user id and password once they have access online user panel to protect their personal information.
2. Each monetary transaction shall be via bank account between trader and organization. Amount must be deposited only in organization bank account: Big Scott Enterprises Note: Organization shall not be liable for any amount deposited in any other account or paid to anyone else.
3. After payment of goat trading value, goat buying is carried out in three different stages which may involve 2 to 3 months due to weather conditions, diseases risks and breed availability.
4. Correspond with organization regarding payment details shall be only carried out via helpline. It is not allowed to share such details in any groups, blogs or with other members.
5. After receiving written agreement from The Shine Goats, submit its signed copies along with beneficiary details to the organization. Unless, there shall be no transaction of any sort with you.
6. Bonus value associated with goat babies is calculated at the end of 16 months. At the time of agreement, trading value of two goats is considered which will be fixed for the next 16 months.
7. After the payment of trading value and completion of 16 months agreement, referral amount will not be refundable. However, you may transfer your file in the name of any other member which applies Rs.500/- charges.